Extend the Bubble.io Functionalities 🚀


Lay the groundwork for mastering Bubble plugin development, selecting the perfect library, deciphering JS code, and crafting efficient Bubble plugins.

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Self-paced course that can be finished in just 3.5 hours.

Community Access

Join the plugin dev community where we can discuss ideas and learn together. 

Live Q/A  

The first 30 purchasers will have access to a live Q/A session to address their questions.

Lifetime Access 

Access to unlimited replays and future upgrades in the course content.

14-days Refund Policy. 

No-questions-asked refund within 14-days of purchase.

This course includes 8+ simple and easy to understand video lessons.

Plugin Editor 101

Grasp the essentials of the Bubble Plugin editor to lay the foundation for plugin dev. 

Build OpenAI Plugin 

Discover how to create server-side actions with OpenAI SDK from the ground up.

Build Audio Recorder Plugin

Discover how to craft client-side elements using JS libraries from the ground up.

Build Open AI Streaming 

Learn real-time streaming of responses from the OpenAI API using JS.

Build Stripe Plugin

Let's build the Stripe Bubble plugin using API calls together!

Build File Uploader Plugin

Discover how to craft your custom file upload plugin and implement your unique logic.

Build Convert UI to PDF 

Discover how to transform groups, popups into PDFs and save them to the Bubble db.

Why I am Building this course?

I have been building products using Bubble for over 2 years, and with some projects, I always encounter limitations with Bubble. For instance, in one project, I needed to convert a PDF to text, but Bubble didn't offer a native solution. So, I developed the "Pdf to Text" plugin. In another project, I needed to capture a screenshot of a group, but there was no native way to do that either. This led me to delve deeper into plugin development.

While creating the plugin, I noticed that there wasn't a centralized location to learn both the basics and the intricacies of plugin development. The resources I found were sometimes outdated or too complex. As I'm also a content creator, I've received a lot of feedback from the community, and they expressed facing similar challenges.

Building a Bubble plugin isn't that complicated when you use tools like ChatGPT or other AI code generation tools to write the code.

I've dedicated over 200+ hours to Plugin dev. Here are the plugins I've crafted:

PDF to Text

This plugin lets you convert PDF files to text without relying on 3rd services.

Doc To Text

This plugin lets you convert docx files to text without relying on 3rd services.

Audio Recorder

This plugin effortlessly captures audio using your device's microphone right in the browser.


This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate OpenAI into your Bubble app.

Screenshot the Group

This plugin turns a group element into a PNG for easy saving or direct download.

Generate SRT File

This plugin let you convert JSON into SRT File and store it in Bubble database.

Parse DateString

This plugin converts date strings into user-given date formats.

Meet the Instructor

Hey there! I'm Ankur from Bangalore, India. 🌆

Dived into Bubble in December 2020 and haven't looked back. With 2000+ hours on the platform, I've mentored 20+ enthusiasts, helping them shape their ideas. 🚀

Hit a Bubble roadblock? Been there! That's why I've crafted 14 plugins (8 public and some hush-hush ones 😉). Like when Bubble couldn't convert a PDF to text? Boom! Created the "Pdf to Text" plugin. Needed a screenshot feature? Made that too! 🛠️

For more Bubble wisdom, check out my YouTube channel: 232 videos and a community of 6K+ across social platforms. 🎥

Been bubbling for 2+ years, and I'm stoked to share the plugin magic in this course. Let's get started! 🌊

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to handhold me with my Bubble plugin journey.

Absolutely not, unless you're thinking of offering a hefty sum! This course condenses my 100+ hours of learning into just 3-4 hours for you. I've laid out step-by-step instructions on building multiple plugins. Got questions? Join our Discord, and I'll gladly help out.

Do I need to know Bubble in order to learn Plugin development.

Absolutely! It's essential to grasp the basics of Bubble first; it'll make your plugin-building journey smoother. My buddy Keiren offers an in-depth course on this. Check it out! 

Do you build plugin for others?

Yes, I do. Just mail me your requirement at ankur@nocodetalks.co